Reduced Challenging Behaviour

case study


How sensory needs assessment and care planning reduced challenging behaviour/smearing

A sensory assessment can be used for both adults and children who are experiencing aggression and behavioural problems, some autistic children experience sensory processing issues which may manifest in behavioural difficulties. A sensory assessment can identify underlying sensory processing issues and form an integral part of overall behaviour analysis.

A service manager for a children’s home contacted Alpha Autism Care and shared their concerns regarding Sam a 14-year-old who has been using the service for respite for the past few years. The service manager stated that Sam smears faeces at during the night and that this has been ongoing issue for some time. The allocated worker from Alpha Autism Care visited the setting and collected some further information and conducted a sensory assessment and provided the staff working at the setting with ABC charts, the data collected provided an overview of the possible rationale for the behaviour, we formulated a plan of action which included sensory orientated activities before bed and access to sensory activities during the night including toothpaste. We worked with staff to monitor progress and adapted the plan in accordance with activities that motivated Sam. A care plan based positive behaviour support was formulated. Feedback from staff over a period was that Sam was no longer smearing faeces.

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