Project management and social research

The best decisions are made when the people effected are closely involved in the process. Enabling community involvement and for people to have a say in decision making is the most effective use of public money.

Our work with parent carers and autistic people gives us access to rich qualitative data, we value these experiences and feel that these experiences have the power to shape local policy and decision making.

True collaboration and participation can not only provide people with a platform to share their lived experiences, but it also provides decision makers with the evidence they need to formulate solutions which reflect the local social and political landscape.

Our work so far has increased awareness of the need for Changing Places toilets in Peterborough City Centre and the Cost-of-Living impact on families caring for disabled children. These reports were presented to the Local authority and the information gathered will be used to inform local decision making.

Peterborough is a diverse community our research methodologies have been formulated with the view that not all communities and cultures have the same understanding of the disability model and that there are disparities in how some communities and cultures perceive conditions such as mental illness and autism spectrum disorder.

Our outreach work is aimed at developing positive working relationships with diverse communities and minority groups, we do this by collaborating with established third sector and private organisations. Our work with Family Voice Peterborough and How are you Peterborough (NHS) encompasses online resources including Mirpuri translated mental health information. We are currently working with Family Voice on ongoing projects including facilitating SEND information forums, social research including creating surveys, identifying, and reaching out to participants, analysing data, and producing reports. All of which have had a positive impact on local policy making and decision making.

Our project management services offer includes health and social care policy development: 

  • Conducting social research
  • Participation engagement


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