About Us

We aim to support and improve the lives of people with Autism and related conditions

The founder of Alpha Autism Care Ltd is a parent carer and a mental health nurse, the service we provide aims to improve quality of life.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that is often diagnosed in early childhood and can impact a person’s social and communication skills and abilities.  Each person we support and care for has different needs and levels of support. Autism is often described as a spectrum, indicating he varying degrees in how autism can manifest itself.  Autism itself is complicated and can be more so as it may appear in combination with learning disabilities and other comorbid conditions such as epilepsy.

We provide care and support which enables individuals to lead fulfilled lives within their communities. Working with families and other key stakeholders we aim to enable individuals to express their wishes and aspirations.

As experts in communication we listen to what people and their families tell us, we utilise specific communication tools to aid and develop good effective communication. We successfully support people with complex needs and challenging behaviour to live within their communities and enhance effective communication which play a key role in reducing anxiety and challenging behaviours.  Our clinicians are experienced in using PEC’S and Makaton, we thrive in developing our professional understanding of how a range of different communication tools to help our clients communicate their wishes and desires.

Our care packages can be used in the individual’s family home or in supported living accommodation. In all cases we base our personalised support on the specific needs, choices and ambitions of the individual, following our principles of person-centred thinking, Active support and Positive Behaviour Support.

Holistic approach

Our personalised care planning is holistic and includes social and psychological interventions, in addition to autism specific approaches including the SPELL framework and Active Support.

Improving the quality of life

We provide support and assistance for people who have a wide range of needs to live the life they choose to live and enjoy, gain increased independence and achieve their goals and ambitions.